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At Reverb, We focus to provide our end consumer with quality solutions with premium products and backed with an exceptional customer service, Reverb is a leading provider of pro-audio and commercial sound equipment, offering an extensive range of products for professional audio-visual and installation contractors. Our philosophy is to combine detailed product knowledge with excellent standards of customer service. We pay close attention to all innovations and developments within the industry in order to maintain its comprehensive knowledge base. be it an escape from realities of life to Zion only to entertain, refresh and recharge you with our tailor made solutions for Home or our re-engineered solutions specific to our end consumer needs, be it for Home Theater or conference room we got you covered by Furman.
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Furman is the go-to name in AC power management for professional musicians, sound engineers, broadcasters, and systems integrators around the world. Our products have saved billions of dollars worth of equipment from power problems, and our innovative technologies maximize A/V system performance. What are you plugging into?.


Convert 4K projectors to the full 4K UltraWide cinema format of commercial cinemas so movies aren’t limited to 3K performance inside black letterbox bars.
Endorsed by every leading projector brand with Panamorph display modes directly integrated into every leading projector model. Used to deliver 30% higher brightness and resolution to UltraWide 2.4:1 home theaters throughout the world for more than a decade.


Sound is often a bigger problem than it needs to be. Reverberation, resonances, noise and materials like glass, brick and concrete can destroy a music experience, intelligibility and comfort.
Vicoustic delivers clever solutions for every situation, from recording studios to offices, restaurants and schools. Acoustic problems can usually be rectified. The Vicoustic range of absorbers, diffusers & bass tarps do the job & add aesthetic values to any environment.


ICE cinema delivers an immersive cinema experience for homes and yachts. Delivered to you by hand-picked integration, cinema and design experts. World-class immersive cinema at home, extraordinary in every way.


With the choice of suitable cables the transmission can be improved immediately . Excellent sound and first-class picture reproduction quality will be assured by using Eagle Cable products, for home and for car audio applications. We are offering hiqh-quality audio and video cables and accessories (not only for enthusiasts). Our product range also includes optical, hdmi, video, digital, loudspeaker and interconnect cables for reasonable price-quality ratio for every customer. Most of the cable meters are produced in our own cable factory in Germany. Especially for you. By highest quality demands. German engineering at its finest!


Screen Goo products are specially formulated, color correct, video screen coatings in liquid form. They allow the user to transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance projection screen. The affordability and versatility of Screen Goo has seen it used in myriad applications, from home theater to large scale commercial installations.
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